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Social Justice
Why is Social Justice Important in the African American Community? 

Achieving social justice is of paramount importance to the African American community. Human rights, equity, diversity, participation in society, and access to resources are essential to a life of dignity and fulfillment. A century of activism has raised awareness of where and how we can do better as a nation. Sadly, over that time, the application of resulting social justice reforms have not been fair and balanced when it comes to Black people. We are still grossly over-incarcerated, disenfranchised at the polls, and face major disparities in healthcare, especially among Black women. 


There is a great deal of work to be done. At the National Black Empowerment Council we are creating impactful programming and activating our national network to be additive to existing social justice reform efforts. We are also bringing companies, organizations, and leaders of conscience and influence from outside the African American community into campaigns for fundamental fairness and equity as well. 

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